Useful links


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look for useful resources. Listed below are a few that you might find helpful.

Practise by testing yourself:

LANTITE information from ACER including practice tests.

UK Department of Education, QTS Literacy Skills Tests (see downloadable tests on right hand side of page).

QCAA –  NAPLAN tests and answers

If you want answers to more recent papers, you can scroll through the Queensland state reports to find them

Technical Writing Skills (Grammar and punctuation):

Technical language skills and reading comprehension tests – IXL

Bristol University ‘Improve Your Writing’ pages.

Purdue University literacy exercises

Reading comprehension and response practice:

Reading comprehension practice with

Vocabulary, spelling and word usage: Useful vocabulary website, but watch out for differences between American and Australian English

VCAA – Academic vocabulary/glossary

Easily confusable words:

Essay terms (more useful vocabulary)

If you know that spelling is an area of weakness, this is a very useful website:

BBC teach is another useful UK site for spelling rules.


SmilingMinds is a free website and may prove useful if you are stressed about the LANTITE test.


If you would like guided and focused literacy support email me:

English Tutor in Oz Facebook: @englishtutotinoz